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eAchieve is Wisconsin’s Premier 4K-12 Tuition-Free Online Public Charter School. Visionary Studios took over media creation and marketing for 2023.


Media & Marketing





Through creating a diverse portfolio of content and a year long marketing strategy, Visionary Studios lead a successful campaign generating student enrollment.

Our team handled everything from storyboarding, content creation, ad placement, media buy, and the marketing roll out.

eAchieve Billboard Mockup 3 no apple.PNG

Marketing Every Medium

During 2023 Visionary handled media creation and placement across TV, radio, billboards, socials, movie theaters, and more. For this campaign it was critical to rebrand and spread awareness. Our multifaceted marketing strategy pushed the brand name and brought in students.

eAchieve Phone Screen.png

Television Spot

For our TV segment of the campaign we made an effort to visually show the student experience without complicating the message. Clear compelling visuals show students working online, and taking virtual lessons. This video ad was placed on numerous channels such as CBS, WISN12, and TMJ4.

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