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Juiced is a Wisconsin based juicery that produces nutrient-rich, power-packed juice. Visionary developed several photo and video advertisements that embodied their clean style.


Media, Art Direction





Jucied Banner 3.png

Our team created a series of videos that showcase Juiced and their consumer base. We approached this project in a manner that aligned with the atmosphere and feel of their brand. 

Production choices such as family casting, natural lighting, and clean colors help to achieve this feel.

Three 2v2.png

Bionic Glow

Watermelon, strawberry, and lemon combine to help you develop a healthy glow for body and mind.

Three 3v2.png

Trim & Tasty

Grapefruit, carrot and apple blend that’s sleek on calories, but big on flavor.

Three 1v2.png

Lean & Clean

Kale, apple, cucumber, lime and ginger blend that’s low in calories, but big on benefits.

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